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Shaggy Dogs Offers A Great New Website To Give Customers A Hassle Free User Experience

Shaggy Dogs Pet Grooming

Shaggy Dogs Offers A Great New Website To Give Customers A Hassle Free User Experience


Columbus Ohio – Local business Shaggy Dogs Pet Grooming is pleased to offer a brand new website allowing its customers to have a unique user experience including pet news, coupons and videos, beginning August 1, 2013.

Shaggy Dogs one of the top rated pet groomers in the Columbus Ohio area has now gone mainstream with a sleek new stylish website that not only offers customers a hassle free experience but will also be jam packed with coupons, special pet advisories, videos containing before and after pictures of dogs going through the grooming process, and much more.

Shaggy Dogs believes that the customer is the very core of their business, giving them a wonderful medium in which to communicate during off hours is now a strong focus. Very soon customers will be able to schedule their appointments through the new website without having to remember to call or hope to get squeezed in at the last moment.

Sharon the owner of Shaggy Dogs says “We are striving to offer the best customer service to our pets and their owners as humanly possible and we will accomplish this by a strategic use of internet marketing”.

Shaggy Dogs Pet Grooming
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Reasons to groom your dog

It is important for any dog owner to understand how and why they should groom their dog. Grooming is a vital part of dog care and keeps your pet healthy and comfortable; some breeds may require daily grooming to keep their coat in good condition, where others may need less frequent attention. Grooming also covers the clipping or breeds into a certain hairstyle, or shortening of long coats for the summer months.
Reasons to groom your dog
The following are some of the things that make grooming your dog so important:
• Regular grooming is beneficial for the dogs skin as well as its coat; problems such as scratches and thrush are dealt with quickly
• Building and maintaining the bond between dog and owner; packs would groom each other and caring for your dogs coat does not put you in a submissive position but strengthens the bond between you.
• General cleanliness and to remove shedding hairs before they get around the house; grooming your dog outside if weather permits means that the shedding hairs don’t get into your carpets and furniture which is particularly beneficial for houses with allergy sufferers
• Getting rid of parasites and pests that may be living on your dog’s skin. If you do find ticks they have to be removed carefully, do not just pull them off
• Checking your dog’s health in general; as you groom them you will be able to tell if they have any injuries, or are in a strange mood. Weird changes in temperament can indicate pain somewhere, and as you interact with your dog closely everyday you will be very aware of personality changes or mood swings.
Get into a routine with your dog; groom them at the same time each day so that they can expect it. Don’t attempt to groom a wet dog, and if you have a long haired one be gentle when removing tangles or foreign material; grooming should be enjoyable for you and your dog, and it won’t be if they expect pain or discomfort. Start grooming a puppy as early as possible so that they can get used to it, this is also an excellent chance to bond with the dog early on, and make sure they get used to being handled by humans
When you groom your dog you may need to do other tasks as well as simply brushing them. Check their feet for anything stuck between the pads, and the pads themselves for abrasions or sore patches. You also need to clean your dog’s ears and eyes on a regular basis, you can do this with cleaners bought at a pet store or dog grooming services and cotton wool balls or buds. Ears may need drops occasionally if they get waxy, speak to your vet if you are in doubt. You dogs nails will also need trimming to keep them at a comfortable length; you can do this yourself but be sure that you know what you are doing as there is a blood supply to each nail that can be hard to see, especially on black nailed dogs.

Should You Take Your Dog To A Grooming Parlor Or Do It Yourself

All dogs need to be groomed on a regular basis, daily is ideal. The grooming process helps you bond with your dog, as well as keeping their coat clean and healthy, checking them over for injuries or parasites and removing shedding hair before it is dropped in your house; very important for allergy sufferers. This daily task can be done by you as the owner, but there are some other tasks that you will want to take your dog to a salon to get done by trained Columbus dog grooming professionals.
When you are choosing a salon, get opinions from any other dog owners that you know, and check out online reviews if possible; you don’t want to send your dog to a place that won’t take care of them or may do a bad job. Once you have some potential companies give them a call to check on rates and availability. Some places will come and collect your dog and drop them off which is great for those who work and have less time to run errands. There are also mobile dog groomers; in Columbus dog grooming services are easy to come by. Give the groomer that you choose detailed instructions on what you want done, and them leave them to it. There will generally be a bath involved in the haircut, and you can also ask the parlor staff to clean eyes and ears and in some cases trim claws.
Although cutting your dogs hair is probably best done by a professional, there are plenty of dog grooming tasks you can do at home. Start when your dog is a puppy, this will help you bond and get them used to being groomed early on in life. Use each grooming session as a chance to check your dog’s health and general mood, and look for any signs of a change which can be an early warning for a disease. You can also trim claws yourself; there are tools designed specifically for the job, you must ensure that you don’t cut too much off the claws as you may hit the blood supply and cause a bleed. If you are in doubt, ask your vet to trim your dog’s claws for you. If you have a dog that molts then brush them outside; the birds will appreciate the fur for their nests, and any allergy sufferers in your house will fare better with less hair being shed inside.
There are a range of tools that are used in dog grooming; you’re grooming parlor or pet store will be able to help you pick the right combination for your breed, and give you advice an instruction how to use it. Kits to clean the eyes and ears of your dog are also easy to find, and this is a job that should also be dome regularly in order to maintain your dog in peak condition; wax remover may also be needed for some dogs that are prone to a build up

Dogs Are Natural Defenders Of Their Territory And Family

When dog owners are asked why have a dog, many dog lovers answer that it makes them feel more safe and secure. However, dogs provide much more than just safety and security.
Regardless of a dogs sex or size, dogs naturally defend what they consider to be their territory. This is a highly valued trait but can sometimes lead to problems. For example dogs can become territorially aggressive when we don’t want them to like when left inside a vehicle for long periods of time.
This is a very strong genetic component which is found greatest in the guard breeds such as German Shepherds, Rottweiler’s and Doberman Pinchers.
Some common signs that a dog is getting aggressive are.
1) Territorial confidence, the dogs tail will be held confidently high, he will bare his teeth, make eye contact and advance.
2) Full threat, If a dogs territory is threatened he will back menacingly, some dogs ears will go straight down and they bare their teeth.
Dogs usually only enter into serious fights with other dogs as a last resort.
Territorial aggression, it is the nature of dogs to fend their own territory. That is after all one of the reasons their so popular. You should not rely totally on your dog to protect you and your home. There could be civil or even criminal issues if your dog attacks someone else sometimes even if they are coming onto your property or into your house uninvited.
If you are using a dog as a guard dog for your family or property (not just a yapper) then you should the assistance and advice of a certified professional dog trainer. There is a tremendous amount of liability involved with trained guard dogs. Having a dog that is well trained for your purposes and also able to be a companion for you and your family will take a lot of training. Some dogs are aggressive by nature and to curb this, training must begin very early in the dogs life.

The 10 Naughtiest Dog Breeds

The 10 Naughtiest Dog Breeds
What makes a breed naughty? And which ones are tops on the list?
Kelly Pulley | Oct 19th 2012 |
Maybe you’re not like me. Maybe you don’t wonder whether your pups are plotting their next prank and whether it will embarrass you. If you don’t, your dogs probably aren’t “naughty” like mine are, and you’ve probably never had your dog run around your cocktail party with your bra in his mouth. You might ask, “Can a dog even BE naughty?” It does seem like a rather human trait, but the answer is certainly “Yes!” even if it’s only how we perceive their less-than-angelic but humorous behavior.
“Naughty” in human terms is really a discreet word for “morally questionable” or, if you want to get academic, “improper” or “indecent.” Dogs aren’t scholarly. They don’t know the difference between an adults-only video store and a kiddie amusement park. So this definition fits dogs only when humans feel prudish and get embarrassed by their dog’s mischievous and “indecent” behavior (such as the improper placement of noses in improper places and even the occasional digestion of, well, poopie.)
For our purposes, we’ll define “naughty” as “rascally, impish, playful, humorous and wily.”

Naughty playful dog by Shutterstock.
What Are the Characteristics of a Naughty Dog?
1. Charisma. No, really. Charisma is persuading everyone that you’re doing what they want you to, even though you’re not. I’d say all dogs have some charisma but some have more than others or, maybe, some know how to work it better than others (and thus get away with more.)
2. Desire to Please. Naughty dogs are performing for us. They want us to approve of their misbehaving.
3. Willingness to Disobey. As in, “I know you just said to get my head out of the trash, but I’m going to grab that chicken bone in there and then run around the apartment taunting you with it” sort of behavior.
4. Sense of (Canine) Humor. Yes, dogs laugh with their tails. And, yes, dogs somehow understand that, when we laugh, it’s a good thing. They like to make us laugh. They just do.
5. A Sense of (Human) Humor. Whether a dog is funny and, therefore, naughty instead of annoying or frustrating depends on our perception of their behavior. If you laugh and engage with your dog when he steals the toilet plunger for the upteenth time, he’ll keep on stealing it and you’ll keep on having pictures of your dog and a toilet plunger to post on Facebook. Which brings us to…

Puppy stealing a sandwich by Shutterstock.
Why Are Some Dogs Naughty?
1. To Get Attention. This is the main reason dogs are naughty, which shows that naughtiness is a rather special phenomenon between humans and canines. You will not see dogs behaving this way when alone with other dogs.
2. To Prove a Point. They don’t look at it this way, but you’ll find that if your dog keeps doing the same naughty thing over and over, he’s probably trying to tell you something such as “I’m stealing the toilet plunger because I really need to get outside to play fetch.”
3. To Cheer You Up. Not all dogs have this wild ability to empathize with humans but many do. Both of my pit bulls have this ability — Hudson sticks close to me when I’m depressed, but Falstaff plays the clown and does naughty things to cheer me up. I can’t explain it, but it’s really cool.
So, what separates “naughty” from just plain “bad?” We all know there is no such thing as a Bad Dog, though the number of dogs dressed up as devils for Halloween would suggest otherwise. Mostly whether a dog’s behavior is naughty or is a matter of degrees.

Naughty dog by Shutterstock.
The Difference Between “Naughty” and “In the Dog House”
1. Degree of Destruction. If you heard something in the other room and went to investigate and your dog had destroyed the a $10 Target pillow, oh well. If you come home to a destroyed couch, different thing.
2. Degree of Inconvenience. If your dog borrows your toothbrush, you can chew a piece of gum until you get another. If your dog is being rambunctious and shuts and locks you out of the house, not so easy.
3. Degree of Danger. For you and your dog. A dog that breaks away and tries to get you to chase him across a busy street is not amusing, nor is he “naughty.” Any behavior that compromises safety must be stopped,
The 10 Naughtiest Dog Breeds
You’ll see several bully dog breeds below. For whatever reason, these breeds tend to have a great sense of humor. Terriers are also famous for their antics.

Dachshund by Shutterstock.
1. Dachshund. This long wonder is famous for his indiscretions and love of mischief. Dachshunds love to make you laugh, but they are also resourceful and can accomplish amazing feats such as chewing through refrigerator cables thus flooding the house (personal experience).

Bull Terrier by Shutterstock.
2. Bull Terrier. This energetic breed can have trouble with obsessive compulsive disorder but its sense of humor is what one notices most.

Jack Russell Terrier by Shutterstock.
3. Jack Russell Terrier. Lovable and highly trainable, this little terrier’s smarts make him a formidable prankster.

English Bulldog and Pug by Shutterstock.
4. Pug. His somewhat comical looks reflect his jovial nature. The Pug is a true connoisseur of naughtiness and loves to play more than anything.

Maltese by Shutterstock.
5. Maltese. This small, silky, white love-a-muffin loves to romp and play hide-and-seek with his owner. He is definitely a jokester at heart.

Pit Bull by Shutterstock.
6. American Pit Bull Terrier. Despite their sometimes bad reputation, Pit Bulls are very humorous dogs. Always up for a game, you’d better hide your socks and stuffed animals or you’ll find them hidden in your dog’s bed.

Yorkshire Terrier by Shutterstock.
7. Yorkshire Terrier. This tiny terrier is very enthusiastic about his owner and making his owner happy. He is an effusive canine with great prankster skills.

Labrador puppy by Shutterstock.
8. Labrador Retriever. As anyone who has owned one knows, the Lab is a master of mischief during his adolescent years. The Lab likes to steal toilet plungers (personal experience).

Naughty as he wants to be. English Bulldog by Shutterstock.
9. English Bulldog. Not limited to British wit, the English Bulldog can pull a fast one with the best of them. Beware of his sideways glance — it indicates a naughty mind at work.

Naughty Beagle by Shutterstock.
10. Beagle. This wonderful family dog perhaps isn’t the brightest of canines, but the trouble he can cause is admirable.
Dogster Poll: Is there a naughty dog in your life?
What to Do With a Naughty Dog?
So, you’ve ended up with a naughty dog breed, either by choice or chance — how do you manage this mischievous mutt? Do you even want to control his naughtiness, or do you derive pleasure out of his antics? It’s up to you. You decide whether you want to encourage this behavior or discourage it. If you laugh at and draw attention to a naughty dog, he will continue this behavior. If you ignore and/or gently correct a naughty dog, he will learn to stop. But don’t underestimate the joys of a naughty dog — as Samuel Butler said:
“The greatest pleasure of a dog is that you may make a fool of yourself with him and not only will he not scold you, but he will make a fool of himself too.”

Why Dogs Chase Everything That Runs From Them

Dogs are natural hunters and they will chase almost anything. With the proper amount of training this can be reduced or at least controlled.
Because dogs are natural hunters and they have an instinct to chase down prey and capture or kill it, they will chase almost anything that runs. Some breeds of dogs are more aggressive than others for example, German Shepherds and Rottweiler’s are natural guard dogs. It is their instinct to chase down, capture and bite their prey.
It is very difficult to get a dog not to chase things that enter or come near their territory.
Predatory aggression, the dogs instinct to chase is triggered by almost any rapid or unexpected movement, such as a jogger, a bicyclist, another dog walking by or by an animal in the yard such as a cat. Even the most gentle of dogs are capable of predatory aggression if its triggered.
The dog must be trained as a puppy not to be aggressive with other animals otherwise you will need the help of a skilled dog trainer to deal with their natural instincts.Columbus Pet Grooming

Professional Pet Grooming
Most dogs at least the domesticated ones anyway chase because they think it’s a game. For example, a dog chases a bicyclist, the sight of a moving bicycle stimulates the dog to chase it. If the cyclist continues, most dogs will stop believing they chased the cyclist out of their territory.
Another example is the dog chases a jogger, if the jogger should suddenly stop and challenge the dog, he will learn this is not an acceptable and rewarding activity.
Most dogs chase out of instinct and because they want to play, if the dog becomes overly aggressive towards humans or other animals he will have to undergo some training. If training is required of the dog, this must commence while the dog is still a puppy otherwise it will be extremely difficult and much more expensive to get the required training.

Six Steps To Successful Crate Training

The crate will become your puppies own special place, like a doggie bedroom or private sanctuary. Your puppy will go to his crate for alone time or just a nap when he needs a break from people.
One of the most important components to your pups house training is control. Regardless of your life style there will always be times when you’ll need a place where your dog can stay and be happy and content by himself. Crate training is the best option for dog owners whom want well trained dogs.
There are six important steps to accomplishing your crate training goals.
1) Tell the puppy “its crate time” and place him in the crate with a small treat. Leave him in the crate for five minutes while you’re still in the same room, than let him out and praise him lavishly.
2) Repeat step #1 several times daily. Never release the pup early because he’s fussy, make him wait until he’s calm and excepts his situation.
3) On the second day start leaving the puppy in the crate for 10 minute intervals, same as day number one.
4) Everyday increase the time by 5 minutes until the puppy will stay in the crate for 30 minutes.
5) Go back to 5 minute time periods but leave the puppy in the crate while you are out of the room. It’s important not to skip any steps or alter the time periods, to properly crate train your puppy you will need to invest the right amount of time, which will pay off in the end.
6) Once again build up the crate time in 5 minute increments with you out of the room. When the puppy will stay willingly in his crate (he will probably start to use it as nap time) for 30 minutes with you gone he will then be ready to stay for several hours by himself.
It is very important to build up the new puppy’s crate time slowly over the course of a few days so as not to frighten the dog or make him feel like he’s being punished.
Columbus Pet Grooming

Professional Pet Grooming

Matted Hair A Dog Grooming Nightmare

Your pet may want to rub or scratch after being freed of extremely matted hair but you must prevent this at all costs. If your pet has just had his nails trimmed they can especially injure themselves.
After matted hair has been professionally removed their skin will be sore, tender and easily damaged. You can apply first aid cream or gel to your pet if needed. If the skin is tender the cream will provide a welcome soothing relief from itching and will encourage the skin to heal.
Believe it or not your pet has feelings, you should never allow anyone to make fun of how your pet looks. Going from being encased in hair to almost no hair can be traumatic for your dog or cat. You should reassure your pet with lots of praise and love.Columbus Pet Grooming

Professional Pet Grooming
On a side note make sure you protect your dog or cat from sunburn. Your dog groomer can recommend products that contain sunscreen for pets. After your pet has had the matted hair removed you have the opportunity for a fresh start. This is the time to form a good relationship with your dog groomer, they can keep you on the right path to providing the best care for your pet.
Together you can make sure that your pet is cared for properly and comfortably and that his hair never gets into such bad condition again. It needs to be a real team effort.
Your groomer can recommend and supply the grooming equipment that you will need to correctly care for your pet(s). There are specialty brushes and combs designed for different types of coats and your groomer can explain which ones are best suited to your pets needs.
Your groomer can also demonstrate the proper ways of grooming your pet. Together as a team this will make grooming time at home an enjoyable experience for you and your pet.

Helping Your Pet Have An Enjoyable Grooming Experience

First time your dog goes to a professional groomer it should be a special event. Your dog should learn to look forward to these special times and anticipate an enjoyable experience.
Your groomer will give you a time to return to pick up your puppy, or will call you when he is finished. Make sure to give a contact number where you can be reached at any time. Whatever you do, do not come back early. Wait to be notified that your puppy is ready. If your puppy sees you or hears your voice, he could become so excited that it may make it impossible to finish his groom.
How to prepare for the big grooming day.
1) Set aside time every day to brush and comb your puppy. Make it your special ‘together’ time. Reward your puppy with plenty of praise and some treats.
2) Take him for short rides in the car to get him used to travelling.
3) Be sure to exercise your puppy right before his grooming appointment to allow him to relieve himself. Be sure to bring along one of his favorite toys.
Columbus Pet Grooming

Professional Pet Grooming
You need to help your puppy enjoy his first grooming experience. On your way to the pet groomers you need to display an attitude of happiness. If you feel stressed and nervous, your pet will pick up on your feelings and may become fearful and apprehensive.
Your pets grooming salon is his special place. Allow him to anticipate and associate the professional pet grooming experience with fun and enjoyment.
The main objectives of your puppies first grooming experience are simple. The most important accomplishment of your puppy’s first grooming session is…that he likes it. His first experience must be positive if at all possible. His first experience will last in his mind forever, positive or negative.

Dog Grooming For Your New Best Friend

When you decide to embark on a journey such as taking on a new dog, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. One of the most neglected needs your new dog has is his personal grooming.
When you bring your new puppy home he is a bouncy, wiggly ball of joy that fills your life with endless amounts of love and fun. He adores you and depends on you to supply his every want and need.
Early dog grooming is an essential part of your puppies life. You must teach your puppy the basics, gently touch him all over every day. Don’t forget his feet and toes. When your puppy is comfortable with being handled, you are ready to advance to brushing and combing.
Puppies should be introduced to professional grooming when they are about twelve weeks old. You should contact your dog groomer to discuss your puppy’s grooming needs, and to make an appointment for his first grooming.
Working as a team you and your groomer will provide the care that your puppy needs to look and feel his best.
Columbus Pet Grooming

Professional Pet Grooming

When your puppy has his first visit to the groomer he may be somewhat afraid and apprehensive. Your groomer may suggest that you bring your puppy to the salon for a couple of short visits to familiarize him with all the sights and sounds of the grooming salon before his actual appointment.
Other groomers prefer that you bring him in for his appointment and they will allow your puppy to become accustomed to the activity in the salon as they go through the grooming process. Your puppy’s first few visits may be quit lengthy. It is important for your puppy to trust the groomer and to be comfortable with everything the groomer does to him. With gentle guidance, he will learn that grooming is an enjoyable experience and not something to be feared.