Contain Your Dog With An Invisible Dog Fence

Contain Your Dog With An Invisible Dog Fence

Contain Your Dog With An Invisible Dog Fence
By John Cusworth

Do you have a dog who loves to roam the neighbourhood? Do you have to erect an unsightly, high fence around your property just to keep the dog in? Does your dog dig under the fence to escape – requiring you to concrete the whole backyard?

The good news is that you can keep your dog confined – with no fence at all!

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You may be aware that farmers have used electric fences for years to restrict their livestock to certain areas of pasture. A flimsy plastic coated wire can effectively hold back huge cattle and horses. The reason it works is that the animals learn that if they contact the wire they will get a mild electric shock from the fence. After a couple of brushes with the wire, they know that it is not a good place to go – so they no longer try.

Well, dogs are pretty intelligent creatures and they can be easily taught in the same way. You don’t even need to take them to Dog Obedience School to teach them. To install an Invisible Dog Fence, a cable is laid around the perimeter of the property and buried. A small electric current is passed through the wire. The dog wears a special collar with a receiver that detects the voltage from the wire if it gets close to it. The receiver initially beeps to warn the dog. If the dog gets closer, then it gets a small zap, forcing the dog to retreat. After a few trials the dog soon knows that if it hears a beep then it should turn back. In a short time they will have memorized where the taboo areas are and stop before the beep occurs – without even thinking about it. You have in effect erected an Invisible Dog Fence around your property which will keep any dog at home.

If you don’t want a normal fence, then you can actually do completely without one. You should however be aware that this Invisible Dog Fence only works for dogs wearing the appropriate collar, so neighbouring dogs may be free to wander onto your property. Still, for dogs who consistently escape – or for areas where other animals are not a problem – this can be a great solution.

John Cusworth is a health and fitness advocate from Melbourne, Australia who is also a dog lover and passionate about dog welfare.

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