Dog Grooming For Your New Best Friend

When you decide to embark on a journey such as taking on a new dog, there are a few things that you must keep in mind. One of the most neglected needs your new dog has is his personal grooming.
When you bring your new puppy home he is a bouncy, wiggly ball of joy that fills your life with endless amounts of love and fun. He adores you and depends on you to supply his every want and need.
Early dog grooming is an essential part of your puppies life. You must teach your puppy the basics, gently touch him all over every day. Don’t forget his feet and toes. When your puppy is comfortable with being handled, you are ready to advance to brushing and combing.
Puppies should be introduced to professional grooming when they are about twelve weeks old. You should contact your dog groomer to discuss your puppy’s grooming needs, and to make an appointment for his first grooming.
Working as a team you and your groomer will provide the care that your puppy needs to look and feel his best.
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When your puppy has his first visit to the groomer he may be somewhat afraid and apprehensive. Your groomer may suggest that you bring your puppy to the salon for a couple of short visits to familiarize him with all the sights and sounds of the grooming salon before his actual appointment.
Other groomers prefer that you bring him in for his appointment and they will allow your puppy to become accustomed to the activity in the salon as they go through the grooming process. Your puppy’s first few visits may be quit lengthy. It is important for your puppy to trust the groomer and to be comfortable with everything the groomer does to him. With gentle guidance, he will learn that grooming is an enjoyable experience and not something to be feared.

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