Dogs Are Natural Defenders Of Their Territory And Family

When dog owners are asked why have a dog, many dog lovers answer that it makes them feel more safe and secure. However, dogs provide much more than just safety and security.
Regardless of a dogs sex or size, dogs naturally defend what they consider to be their territory. This is a highly valued trait but can sometimes lead to problems. For example dogs can become territorially aggressive when we don’t want them to like when left inside a vehicle for long periods of time.
This is a very strong genetic component which is found greatest in the guard breeds such as German Shepherds, Rottweiler’s and Doberman Pinchers.
Some common signs that a dog is getting aggressive are.
1) Territorial confidence, the dogs tail will be held confidently high, he will bare his teeth, make eye contact and advance.
2) Full threat, If a dogs territory is threatened he will back menacingly, some dogs ears will go straight down and they bare their teeth.
Dogs usually only enter into serious fights with other dogs as a last resort.
Territorial aggression, it is the nature of dogs to fend their own territory. That is after all one of the reasons their so popular. You should not rely totally on your dog to protect you and your home. There could be civil or even criminal issues if your dog attacks someone else sometimes even if they are coming onto your property or into your house uninvited.
If you are using a dog as a guard dog for your family or property (not just a yapper) then you should the assistance and advice of a certified professional dog trainer. There is a tremendous amount of liability involved with trained guard dogs. Having a dog that is well trained for your purposes and also able to be a companion for you and your family will take a lot of training. Some dogs are aggressive by nature and to curb this, training must begin very early in the dogs life.

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