Helping Your Pet Have An Enjoyable Grooming Experience

First time your dog goes to a professional groomer it should be a special event. Your dog should learn to look forward to these special times and anticipate an enjoyable experience.
Your groomer will give you a time to return to pick up your puppy, or will call you when he is finished. Make sure to give a contact number where you can be reached at any time. Whatever you do, do not come back early. Wait to be notified that your puppy is ready. If your puppy sees you or hears your voice, he could become so excited that it may make it impossible to finish his groom.
How to prepare for the big grooming day.
1) Set aside time every day to brush and comb your puppy. Make it your special ‘together’ time. Reward your puppy with plenty of praise and some treats.
2) Take him for short rides in the car to get him used to travelling.
3) Be sure to exercise your puppy right before his grooming appointment to allow him to relieve himself. Be sure to bring along one of his favorite toys.
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You need to help your puppy enjoy his first grooming experience. On your way to the pet groomers you need to display an attitude of happiness. If you feel stressed and nervous, your pet will pick up on your feelings and may become fearful and apprehensive.
Your pets grooming salon is his special place. Allow him to anticipate and associate the professional pet grooming experience with fun and enjoyment.
The main objectives of your puppies first grooming experience are simple. The most important accomplishment of your puppy’s first grooming session is…that he likes it. His first experience must be positive if at all possible. His first experience will last in his mind forever, positive or negative.

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