How to determine if your puppy is submissive or dominant

It is imperative to training your new dog to determine whether or not he is dominant or submissive. We will discuss a few ways of determining where your dog stands. This will determine which way you go with his training.
To find out if your dog is submissive or dominant here is a simple non abusive test.

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Gently lay the puppy on his side and watch how the dog reacts to this awkward position. If you have a small dog you can do this on your lap if the dog is larger you will need to place him on the floor and kneel beside him.
Preferably the dog will be completely on his side laying flat. This puts the dog in a completely submissive position.
If the puppy allows you to place him in this position without any resistance then you probably have a submissive dog. A dominant puppy will struggle and fight to keep out of that position.
At birth the puppy’s mother did this same thing to teach the new pup she was the pack leader.
This little test will tell you how willing and cooperative your little guy is going to be to his training.
Once the puppy regardless of his personality accepts the dominant position of the leader (you), he should be allowed to get up and be praised lavishly for accepting his new position in your pack.
If your puppy is already submissive you may never have to place him on his side again as where a more dominant dog may have to endure this time and again in order for him to accept you as his leader.
It is very important to apply this test prior to the start of any training. If your dog is too submissive his training will have to be structured differently than if he is dominant.

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