How To Get Your Dog Ready To Be Groomed

Grooming your pet should be a pleasant experience whether done at home or with a professional pet groomer. The last thing you want is a rambunctious animal hindering your efforts to pamper him with good dog grooming.

It is imperative that your dog except the pet grooming process as part of their normal routine and to behave properly during the grooming sessions.
If your pet objects to and type of the grooming it may be due to:
1) Lack of obedience training
2) Fear of what’s going to happen
3) Any pain that they may associate with the procedure
First let’s look at the first one, obedience training. With dogs it should be started at about eight weeks of age, that is when their true memory begins, this will be the best time to start their training. Typically the first things they learn at that age tend to stick with them for a lifetime. There are several good books on obedience training for your puppy or seek the assistance of a qualified trainer.
Always remember when training your puppy never to use physical punishment on your dog, this can and probably will cause permanent behavior issues, but rather use lots and lots of praise for a job well done this will be more effective than a reprimand.
Fear can be another issue you will have to deal with prior to grooming your pet or taking them to the groomer. For example, your dog or cat may be afraid of water, or the sound of hair trimmers. These can be difficult issues to overcome and will have to be dealt with slowly and with lots of patience.

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Finally pain, if your dog grooming experience is painful for your dog they will never view it as something special that they should enjoy. There should be no pain involved in the grooming process. If your pet has an infection or irritation that would be aggravated by a groomer then you need to see a vet prior to getting him groomed.
With a little patience and love your pet will learn to look forward to being groomed as something that the two of you share together and will further strengthen the bond between the two of you.

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