How to train an aggressive puppy

Regardless of your family size, your new puppy needs to learn right away from the day he comes home that he is a member of your pack. If you fail to teach this valuable lesson it could spell disaster for you and your puppy.

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When you introduce a new puppy to your home it is imperative that the dog accept the fact that he is a member of your pack and is content knowing that you provide for his welfare.
When the puppy was born his birth pack consisted of his mother and siblings. The dam was the leader of the pack and made all decisions. She would also provide safety and sustenance to the rest of the family members.
The puppy began to grow knowing his mother was the leader and tolerated no wavering of the pack rules.
Disobedient pups were quickly disciplined for miss behavior. The pups quickly learned that obedience meant survival. Any pups refusing to obey would be driven from the pack. When the puppy is removed from its birth pack and placed in a human family it is a very important event in the puppy’s life.
If the pup is shown right away that his new owner is the pack leader the dog will conform accordingly.
If the new owner fails to demonstrate leadership over the pup the dog will become confused and eventually try to take the leadership role.
If an owner lacks authority and the dog is allowed to establish a role of leadership this will lead to the dog using aggressive behavior when he wants his way.
This obviously would become intolerable and in some cases the animal would have to be euthanized.
Demonstrating your leadership should not be done with harsh language or abusive actions. You want the puppy to respect you as a leader not fear you as a predator.

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