How to train your new puppy in less the a week

So you have that new puppy but soon learn that he has a mind of his own. What should I do, you ask. You could enroll in a dog training class or with a little patience and research teach your new friend how they should behave.

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Before you begin trying to train that new puppy there are a few things you must be aware of. You must have a thorough knowledge of how dogs learn and the best methods that you should use. This will determine the success or failure that you experience.
1) In order for a dog to learn any new behaviors he must perform it for at least 42 consecutive times in various environments.
2) Dr. Edward Thorndike a noted American psychologist gave us a learning theory that applies to man and equally to dogs. It states that a behavior that results in a pleasant event tends to get repeated, while behaviors resulting out of unpleasant events tend not to be repeated. For example yelling at your puppy or using force will not get you the results your after.
3) With every step of training you must use positive reinforcement wither it be a toy or food treat.
For example if you want your dog to “sit”, sitting becomes the desired behavior and the “treat” is the positive reinforcement.
Negative methods of training should only be used by qualified professional trainers in certain circumstances, which are few and far between.
There are a few items you will need to begin training your new pet, a collar, a leash or lead and some of his favorite doggie treats. This method of training is referred to as inducive which means you create a desire in the dog to do what you desire because he knows you will give him something he wants.
With a little effort, patience and compassion you can train your new puppy to act in the manner that you wish.

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