Matted Hair A Dog Grooming Nightmare

Your pet may want to rub or scratch after being freed of extremely matted hair but you must prevent this at all costs. If your pet has just had his nails trimmed they can especially injure themselves.
After matted hair has been professionally removed their skin will be sore, tender and easily damaged. You can apply first aid cream or gel to your pet if needed. If the skin is tender the cream will provide a welcome soothing relief from itching and will encourage the skin to heal.
Believe it or not your pet has feelings, you should never allow anyone to make fun of how your pet looks. Going from being encased in hair to almost no hair can be traumatic for your dog or cat. You should reassure your pet with lots of praise and love.Columbus Pet Grooming

Professional Pet Grooming
On a side note make sure you protect your dog or cat from sunburn. Your dog groomer can recommend products that contain sunscreen for pets. After your pet has had the matted hair removed you have the opportunity for a fresh start. This is the time to form a good relationship with your dog groomer, they can keep you on the right path to providing the best care for your pet.
Together you can make sure that your pet is cared for properly and comfortably and that his hair never gets into such bad condition again. It needs to be a real team effort.
Your groomer can recommend and supply the grooming equipment that you will need to correctly care for your pet(s). There are specialty brushes and combs designed for different types of coats and your groomer can explain which ones are best suited to your pets needs.
Your groomer can also demonstrate the proper ways of grooming your pet. Together as a team this will make grooming time at home an enjoyable experience for you and your pet.

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