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Should You Take Your Dog To A Grooming Parlor Or Do It Yourself

All dogs need to be groomed on a regular basis, daily is ideal. The grooming process helps you bond with your dog, as well as keeping their coat clean and healthy, checking them over for injuries or parasites and removing shedding hair before it is dropped in your house; very important for allergy sufferers. This daily task can be done by you as the owner, but there are some other tasks that you will want to take your dog to a salon to get done by trained Columbus dog grooming professionals.
When you are choosing a salon, get opinions from any other dog owners that you know, and check out online reviews if possible; you don’t want to send your dog to a place that won’t take care of them or may do a bad job. Once you have some potential companies give them a call to check on rates and availability. Some places will come and collect your dog and drop them off which is great for those who work and have less time to run errands. There are also mobile dog groomers; in Columbus dog grooming services are easy to come by. Give the groomer that you choose detailed instructions on what you want done, and them leave them to it. There will generally be a bath involved in the haircut, and you can also ask the parlor staff to clean eyes and ears and in some cases trim claws.
Although cutting your dogs hair is probably best done by a professional, there are plenty of dog grooming tasks you can do at home. Start when your dog is a puppy, this will help you bond and get them used to being groomed early on in life. Use each grooming session as a chance to check your dog’s health and general mood, and look for any signs of a change which can be an early warning for a disease. You can also trim claws yourself; there are tools designed specifically for the job, you must ensure that you don’t cut too much off the claws as you may hit the blood supply and cause a bleed. If you are in doubt, ask your vet to trim your dog’s claws for you. If you have a dog that molts then brush them outside; the birds will appreciate the fur for their nests, and any allergy sufferers in your house will fare better with less hair being shed inside.
There are a range of tools that are used in dog grooming; you’re grooming parlor or pet store will be able to help you pick the right combination for your breed, and give you advice an instruction how to use it. Kits to clean the eyes and ears of your dog are also easy to find, and this is a job that should also be dome regularly in order to maintain your dog in peak condition; wax remover may also be needed for some dogs that are prone to a build up

You must have this when training a new puppy

When training a new puppy there are several inexpensive training items you will need, however this is probably the most important. Using this one item could save you and your patience a lot of pain and suffering.

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You may find this to be insignificant before you start training your dog but this one item will save you lots of frustration and make the training experience more enjoyable for you and your pet.
When you have a puppy they are typically excitable and love to race around the house. Each time you try and catch him the more excited he becomes and the more your puppy thinks you want to play.
The one thing that gives you control over your new dog is the “house line”. A house line should be about 6’ long and be made of nylon. Attach a clasp to one end so it can be snapped onto the puppy’s collar and burn the other end to prevent fraying.
The sole purpose of the house line is to give you control of the puppy while he plays freely in the home.
The puppy should only have a house line when with you (the trainer), never when you’re gone or when in his crate.
Why have a house line, you ask.
If you’ve ever tried to catch a whirly dog that’s racing through the house in a frantic game of catch me if you can, then you know how frustrating it can get.
The house line allows you to step on or grab the line as the puppy races past you.
This tells the dog that he must slow down and respond to your call.
Make sure you praise him lavishly when you catch him with the aid of the house line.
The house line cuts down on the frustrations of training your new dog and helps you to establish positive control.