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Dogs Are Natural Defenders Of Their Territory And Family

When dog owners are asked why have a dog, many dog lovers answer that it makes them feel more safe and secure. However, dogs provide much more than just safety and security.
Regardless of a dogs sex or size, dogs naturally defend what they consider to be their territory. This is a highly valued trait but can sometimes lead to problems. For example dogs can become territorially aggressive when we don’t want them to like when left inside a vehicle for long periods of time.
This is a very strong genetic component which is found greatest in the guard breeds such as German Shepherds, Rottweiler’s and Doberman Pinchers.
Some common signs that a dog is getting aggressive are.
1) Territorial confidence, the dogs tail will be held confidently high, he will bare his teeth, make eye contact and advance.
2) Full threat, If a dogs territory is threatened he will back menacingly, some dogs ears will go straight down and they bare their teeth.
Dogs usually only enter into serious fights with other dogs as a last resort.
Territorial aggression, it is the nature of dogs to fend their own territory. That is after all one of the reasons their so popular. You should not rely totally on your dog to protect you and your home. There could be civil or even criminal issues if your dog attacks someone else sometimes even if they are coming onto your property or into your house uninvited.
If you are using a dog as a guard dog for your family or property (not just a yapper) then you should the assistance and advice of a certified professional dog trainer. There is a tremendous amount of liability involved with trained guard dogs. Having a dog that is well trained for your purposes and also able to be a companion for you and your family will take a lot of training. Some dogs are aggressive by nature and to curb this, training must begin very early in the dogs life.

Why Dogs Chase Everything That Runs From Them

Dogs are natural hunters and they will chase almost anything. With the proper amount of training this can be reduced or at least controlled.
Because dogs are natural hunters and they have an instinct to chase down prey and capture or kill it, they will chase almost anything that runs. Some breeds of dogs are more aggressive than others for example, German Shepherds and Rottweiler’s are natural guard dogs. It is their instinct to chase down, capture and bite their prey.
It is very difficult to get a dog not to chase things that enter or come near their territory.
Predatory aggression, the dogs instinct to chase is triggered by almost any rapid or unexpected movement, such as a jogger, a bicyclist, another dog walking by or by an animal in the yard such as a cat. Even the most gentle of dogs are capable of predatory aggression if its triggered.
The dog must be trained as a puppy not to be aggressive with other animals otherwise you will need the help of a skilled dog trainer to deal with their natural instincts.Columbus Pet Grooming

Professional Pet Grooming
Most dogs at least the domesticated ones anyway chase because they think it’s a game. For example, a dog chases a bicyclist, the sight of a moving bicycle stimulates the dog to chase it. If the cyclist continues, most dogs will stop believing they chased the cyclist out of their territory.
Another example is the dog chases a jogger, if the jogger should suddenly stop and challenge the dog, he will learn this is not an acceptable and rewarding activity.
Most dogs chase out of instinct and because they want to play, if the dog becomes overly aggressive towards humans or other animals he will have to undergo some training. If training is required of the dog, this must commence while the dog is still a puppy otherwise it will be extremely difficult and much more expensive to get the required training.

Easiest Way to Cut Dogs Nails: Keep Away From Cutting Dog’s Nails a Bit Too Short

Easiest Way to Cut Dogs Nails: Keep Away From Cutting Dog’s Nails a Bit Too Short

Easiest Way to Cut Dogs Nails: Keep Away From Cutting Dog’s Nails a Bit Too Short
By Jeffrey Tymczak

Dogs don’t especially like to get their nails cut. Now and again, the need to cut dog’s nails could be reduced, say for example for the doggy that taking walks on concrete a decent part of every day, however, at some stage in their lives, a lot of dogs will need the dreadful pedicure, and the more often for you to do it, the more likely you will make them bleed sooner or later. No one really wants to cause harm to their family pet, but if the idea of cutting dog’s nails way too short merely makes you freeze up, you shouldn’t attempt this task! Take the animal to a groomer or to the vet’s mainly because a tense owner will result in a tense family dog which will certainly result in the overall process that much more frustrating.

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When you find yourself relatively relaxed, collect your supplies plus an assistant if at all possible. Depending on weight and particular breed of your pup, this technique may require fifteen minutes the very first time, possibly less the next time if things move nicely.Be sure that the clippers will be in great working order, and that you understand the fundamental mechanics regarding just how they work before you even carry your canine to the spot. Attempt to set up in an enclosed area to help you lessen the possibility of your family dog popping himself free should your grip upon him fail.

Should you have a tiny pup, you’ll be able to support your pet with one particular hand, and conduct the precise trimming while using other. If your canine is larger, you need to have a helper to restrain while you do the actual trimming and the position changes. A great position to cut dog’s nails is actually to try should be to get your larger breed canine lay upon his side as you softly restrain your pet in a hug kind of hold. Once you find a position that will handle the dog correctly, locate a paw and begin cutting dog’s nails. Should you strike the quick, it’ll hurt and your canine will bleed. Use light pressure around the nail to stop the blood flow if your canine will let you next to it. The blood loss will stop in under several minutes. Don’t forget to reward your pet after you are finished and praise him for truly being so wonderful.

When you begin to cut dogs nails, point the dog clipper over the toe nail, and see the quick. When the dog has white or light colored nails, the quick will show up as a pinkish spot towards the center to back of the nail. Cut dogs nails straight across, being sure that you have not left any jagged edges.

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How to have success in house training a new puppy

As with everything in life success is a goal that everyone pursues no matter what field there in. Success will come from careful planning, which will be necessary when house training a puppy.
Just like human babies who do not have any control over their bodily functions, puppy’s haven’t yet fully developed their intestinal tract muscles and must relieve themselves quit often.
You will be leading your puppy to his relief area a dozen or more times daily. He will have to go after he’s been sleeping, playing, after he eats and several other times throughout the course of the day.
For a puppy around 8 weeks old your puppy will be needing to relieve himself about once an hour. Preferably it’s a good idea to have someone at home all day with the dog at least when you first get him.
As the puppy gets older he will have more control over his bodily functions and have to go out less often. When the pup reaches around 4 months old he will only have to go out about 6 to 8 times a day, and that will decrease to 3 to 5 as he ages.

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In order to house train the puppy he must be restricted to (1) room of the house. Canines are social creatures so restricting them to a family room is preferable. They will want to be around the rest of the family.
The dogs crate should also be placed in their favorite room to further enhance their confidence and sense of belonging.
Consistency and frequency are the preamble to successful house training. Your pup needs to be led to his relief area every time that he is released from the crate and every time he exhibits any signs that indicate he might have to relieve himself. Patience will be the key to house training your new puppy.

Building self confidence while puppy training

When training a new puppy you need to teach him to be submissive and recognize you as the leader of the pack however if the new pup is too submissive he will be to fearful of you to learn.
How do you help a submissive puppy overcome his shyness and build self confidence. There are several methods to help your new dog overcome his submissiveness.
Never pet, play with or caress your pet when he shows signs of distress, this will only reinforce his submissive feelings.

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If the puppy shows signs of fear try to redirect his activity to something he enjoys like taking a walk or playing fetch however do not ever reinforce a behavior that you do not want to see repeated.
You should spend regular amounts of time grooming your puppy and complimenting him. Your dog will come to enjoy this time spent with you and that will help to form a very strong bond between the two of you.
Make sure to provide him with a favorite treat when the grooming session is over to further reinforce the activity.
Feed your dog at the same time that you eat. Once he builds up his confidence you will start having him eat after you as part of his obedience training.
You should designate a special chair for your puppy near where you sit. You can cover the chair with a towel or old sheet to protect it if need be. You could even keep a couple of his favorite toys in the chair. This gives your pet the idea that the chair is part of his territory.
The puppy needs as many new life experiences as possible so that he learns the two of you will be together and that you as his leader will insure his safety.
These are examples of things you can do to build trust between you and the puppy. In time this will increase your dogs self confidence.