The first step in training a dominant puppy

When training a dominant puppy it is imperative to assert your position as pack leader. Your methods of achieving this need not be abusive or inhumane at all. Proper training will insure a long lasting enjoyable relationship between you and your new friend.
A physical confrontation is neither necessary nor recommended to teach a dominant puppy you’re his new master. There are several easy ways of demonstrating these lessons. One way is to begin training the dog as soon as you get him.
Your new puppy should be fed after you eat if possible. The pack leader always eats first. After that the other pack members eat oldest to youngest.

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Anytime you walk through a doorway this is a good time to demonstrate your leadership role to your dog. The puppy must learn to stop and wait (for you to enter first) before entering the room.
To achieve this have the puppy in a collar and lead and hold him back as you approach a doorway. Tell him to “wait” as you pass through. Say “ok, good boy”, when you’re ready to let the puppy follow you into the room.
You should never allow your new puppy to get in or out of a car without your ok first. Control your dog and let him enter or exit the car at your command.
He needs to learn to wait while he’s young so that as the dog grows you maintain control for his safety.
When you play games with your puppy always keep back one special toy. When you play with him take out the special toy, when your done put it away. This way he will learn that you control the toys and games.
These are the first steps in training your new puppy. With a little effort and patience you will have a happy and enjoyable relationship with your new dog.

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