You must have this when training a new puppy

When training a new puppy there are several inexpensive training items you will need, however this is probably the most important. Using this one item could save you and your patience a lot of pain and suffering.

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You may find this to be insignificant before you start training your dog but this one item will save you lots of frustration and make the training experience more enjoyable for you and your pet.
When you have a puppy they are typically excitable and love to race around the house. Each time you try and catch him the more excited he becomes and the more your puppy thinks you want to play.
The one thing that gives you control over your new dog is the “house line”. A house line should be about 6’ long and be made of nylon. Attach a clasp to one end so it can be snapped onto the puppy’s collar and burn the other end to prevent fraying.
The sole purpose of the house line is to give you control of the puppy while he plays freely in the home.
The puppy should only have a house line when with you (the trainer), never when you’re gone or when in his crate.
Why have a house line, you ask.
If you’ve ever tried to catch a whirly dog that’s racing through the house in a frantic game of catch me if you can, then you know how frustrating it can get.
The house line allows you to step on or grab the line as the puppy races past you.
This tells the dog that he must slow down and respond to your call.
Make sure you praise him lavishly when you catch him with the aid of the house line.
The house line cuts down on the frustrations of training your new dog and helps you to establish positive control.

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